I like it at breakfast, but with some adjustments it could make the base for a recovery shake or mid-afternoon snack.
My friend David “Chef” Wallach knows way more about this stuff than I do, so I sought his wise counsel.
Needless to say, Chef had some advice to offer when it comes to making a shake.

Our clinical experience proves the Zone Diet, by Dr.

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Barry Sears is the best nutritional model for optimal performance.
That pretty much covers MOST of CF’s longer work efforts, I hope, longer haul endurance athletes require different on-the-road nutrition when it gets over that basic timeline.
Most of our athletes can benefit greatly from 2:1 or even 1:1 if its a pure contractile strength day or a day of strength work and a VERY short Metcon.

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This is that one time you WANT to take full advantage of your PWO insulin sensitivity.
Try one protocol for a period and keep the effects in your logbook just as you would your WOD time or your load PRs.
How does your recovery compare to before you started PWO recovery fuel.
Just be sure to give it enough time to get a real data point.

Just as you would not change your training every week expecting better results, dont mess yoga guide with your fuel every week, let it ride, see what works and adjust from there crossfit games 2014 regionals.
A decent cup of black drip coffee has about 150mg in one cup.
You’d need 15 tbs, or just short of a full cup of cocoa powder to get the same caffeine as one cup of frozen brewed coffee cubes.

I need your opinion on my PWO shake that I’ve been making for about 10 years.
Can’t see any cave men mixing up a protein shake in their blender bottle, but still making sure to not eat bread.
The fact that your asking this question HERE is enough to make the caveman thing a moot point.

Fact of the matter is I like to chew my food, but if your quest is to WIN then you start to take what seems like blue ash crossfit minutia more seriously, for example.
If you got that right, slap me, if not ponder what percentage of total output is different from 1st place to 4th place in the 100m.
Now what what the cluck highland park nj if maximizing your nutrition in every way possible was a 1% difference in performance?

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If being better at life and getting good gains is enough, maybe energies are best spent elsewhere.
Then again, I’m a bad example, I’d eat crushed glass if it would make me a better athlete.;-).

Separately I love each ingredient but in the wrong mix it could be less than delicious. 2.

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I hear a lot of people talk about Almond milk, what are your thoughts on Coconut milk? 3.
If using a supplement protein source PWO you would recommend something with a higher simple carb and lower fat profile.
I don’t make or sell product, I don’t even sell protein at our box.
As soon as you shuck a particular product or your own product you smell like snake oil, hard to avoid that trap unless you avoid it completely.

Alternatively, really drill down on the ingredient list of whatever product you choose: does it make SENSE.
Coconut milk? Good stuff, use it all the time, once in a while I’ll make and MRP styled shake as a treat, but like I said, I love to eat and prefer to chew my food.
The higher the better and simple starches are best.

coffee cubes

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Sweet potato is near perfect for this, fruit less so.
I always have sweet potato’s PWO and I almost always mash them with cinnamon.
I was going through your ingredient list and I was under the impression you meant to make a PWO grip gloves workout shake from those ingredients.

coffee cubes

I use sweet pot, coconut water, coffee cubes, cinnamon and a pinch of dried orange rind along with my protein of choice (that varies for me as I experiment a lot).
Just to be clear, are you talking ratios of blocks or ratios of grams.
No sir! Not overkill at all, eat like it’s a sport, sir.

If your goal is to take advantage of the hang clean works what muscles hormonal milieu that occurs post workout to drive your recovery and growth to new levels, then browse the replies above as they pertain to fats in your post workout nutrition solution.
The milk industry is simply a highly effective method of turning fertilizers, pesticides, antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals into corporate profit.

For the same reason any nuts, seeds, coconut, etc should be eaten from whole ie avoid hulled seeds, dessicated coconut, etc, also cashews and peanuts.
Flax, chia, pumpkin and sunflower seed blended and used immediately are a great addition.
Ideally soak sunflower and pumpkin overnight – remove any that still float as this means they are decaying form the inside out.
You could also sprout them to skyrocket the nutrients and get some highly beneficial living foods into your system.

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